BebeSNTM2004 is a show that is aired on Facebook (cycle 2 & 3) and on YouTube (from cycle 4 - now). His real name is Tùng, but people knew him with the name Bebe. Three winners have been decided: "Melissa Korasan", "Mikaela Soyad" and "Arah Wen". Now in the cycle 4 Jean is finding the new winner and cycle 5 is on production where 14 finalists have been chosen.

Series overviewEdit

Cycle Premiere Date Winner Runner-up(s) Other contestants in order of elimination No. of contestants
1 May 27th, 2016 Melissa Korasan Hallie Capra Anamaria Toss, Julia McCasto, Morgan Whiteney, Jasmia Wenk, Mariah Jebra, Alexandra Argo, Jessica Alcantara, Olivia Grimm, Bernie Oakley 11
2 June 30th, 2016 Mikaela Soyad Spontaniouse Kreuk Wulyn Huang, Tracy Perry, Cassandra Midas, Eugena Reyes, Jean Gossamet, Abbey Arden 8
3 August 11th, 2016 Arah Wen Moraya Braun Aminah Ayinde, Maddox Spark, Eco Harvard, Jalen Mosby, Lara Ashten, Halane Wong, Sky Jin, Melissa Sanders, Aimee Wilsson (disqualified), Bea Park, Misaki Wakahisa, Julia Cesarre 14
4 November 16th, 2016 TBA TBA Ugaana Yustel, Alicia Oghen, Almeyda Praja, Ariana Brande, Hailey Foster, Mei Ling, Seal Van Beek, Hessie McBrown, Stephanie Eves, Tiphany Richardson

Still In: Celestia Gagnon, Hadassah Richardson, Hannah Goberdett, Iriss Dion, Olga Monklova, Sue Thompson

5 TBA TBA TBA Eliminated:
Still In The Running: Aada Forkt, Alexa Romano, Alexandria Donovan, Alice D'Montagna Vi Duque, Clark Gilmore, Danae Rivera, Divina Girenbritt, Ebony Chambers, Evelyn Dvorak, Hatter Sonmor, Kendall Williams, Marina Belovec, Peri Violetta, Xchag Li

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