This cycle we have 39 applicants, only 10 All-Stars and 10 Newbies made it to the semi-finalist, they're the secret semis. And I have to say goodbye with two more All-Stars and two more Newbies to choose the TOP 16 of this cycle! Are you ready?


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Key: Quit Disqualified Eliminated Winner Runner-Up Finalist

Episode 1Edit

Part 1: 16 girls met together and some started to be friends, but some didn't. Iriss goes to Hailey's bedroom and starts some drama with her. Hadassah and Olga made a team call #teamnerdygirls cause they really like to read books and stuffs. Mei and Ugaana was in the same show, so now they are super good friends and they use the same bed. Alicia goes to the art and music room, she paints some pictures and play a song by the piano. Hailey played bowling in the sport & games room. They started to love their house.

Part 2: 16 girls have their first panel. Most of the girls did OK for this shoot, but of course there are some good photos and bad photos. But nobody can beat Tiphany, the girl who has the first call-out in this episode. However, not every girls can be like what Tiphany did in this episode. Ugaana and Alicia landed in the bottom 2 due to different reasons. Ugaana for a boring photo and Alicia for her badass attitude. But at the end of the day, it is Alicia who is still in the running, and Ugaana is the first girl to sent home.

  • First Call-Out: Tiphany Richardson
  • Bottom 2: Alicia Oghen & Ugaana Yustel
  • Eliminated: Ugaana Yustel
  • Guest Judge: Richy Klongs (nesiocesse78)

Episode 2Edit

Part 1: The TOP 15 received some changes in the house. Mei started to feel very sad after Ugaana's elimination, and the drama happened between Alicia and Seal. Ariana decided to change her room to Mei's room. Two fires happened in the house due to the careless cooking of Almeyda and Seal. And they have a challenge about their fashion knowledge which is Stephanie, Tiphany and Olga are the challenge winners.

Part 2: 15 girls continued their second panel in this cycle. They have to do the shoot named "Ballerina In Groups". Most of them did a good job, but nobody can beat Celestia, the girl who rocked and impressed the judges the most and won the first FCO. However, Alicia and Iriss did very bad in this shoot, so they landed in the bottom 2. In the end, Alicia was eliminated and Iriss is still in the running. Before going home, Alicia started the drama with Jean and luckily Jean didn't reply.

  • First Call-Out: Celestia Gagnon
  • Bottom 2: Alicia Oghen & Iriss Dion
  • Eliminated: Alicia Oghen
  • Guest Judge: Adrianna Washington (Melissa197)

Episode 3Edit

Part 1: The girls got their makeovers, but Almeyda and Iriss didn't like their makeovers cuz they think that it "sucks". Mei won the challenge for having the best fadeout photo. At home, Iriss started the drama with Ariana and made Ariana cried.

Name Makeover
Almeyda Shorter cut
Ariana Dyed black
Celestia Dyed black
Hadassah Dyed orange
Hailey Dyed black and cut to shoulder length
Hannah Dyed red and longer extension
Hessie Dyed black
Iriss Dyed ombre
Mei Dyed orange
Olga Dyed black, eyebrow changed
Seal Longer extension and add bangs
Stephanie Dyed yellow
Sue Dyed brown and cut to shoulder length
Tiphany Nothing changed

Part 2: After Almeyda quitting the competition, 13 remaining girls came to the panel to have their third elimination. Some girls did really good like Hadassah, Celestia, Iriss and Hannah. Iriss was being yelled by Jean because of her unprofessional attitude. At elimination, it was Hannah who came out at the top and won the best photo. And when Ariana, Seal and Stephanie landed in the shocking bottom three, only Ariana was not called, and she was sent home.

  • First Call-Out: Hannah Goberdett
  • Bottom 3: Ariana Brande, Seal Van Beek & Stephanie Eves
  • Eliminated: Ariana Brande
  • Guest Judge: Rafaela Murillos (floridakilos33)

Episode 4 Edit

From episode 4, the show will be only in panel until the destination. And plus, there won't be any more guest judges.

The TOP 12 had a shoot called "Colors In Street" where they were divided into 3 groups, 4 models each and they had a different color. Some did great, and some didn't.

At the elimination, Sue was called first for her fabulous photo and next was Iriss. Mei and Hailey landed in the bottom two, but then Jean announced that there will be a double elimination, eliminated both of them.

  • First Call-Out: Sue Thompson
  • Bottom 2: Hailey Foster & Mei Ling
  • Eliminated: Hailey Foster & Mei Ling
  • Guest Judge: None

Episode 5 Edit

In this episode, the girls had a shoot called "ANTM C7 CoverGirl inspired" where they have to look as natural as possible and fit the theme: CoverGirl.

At the elimination, Olga is finally on top for her beautiful model as she is the only one who has all 3 judges liked her photo. Seal and Celestia found themselves in the bottom two, but it was Seal who was eliminated for her bad performance throughout the competition.

Episode 6 Edit

In this episode, the girls had a shoot when they're in the beach, selling the different swimsuits that they're wearing.

At the elimination, Iriss is finally getting a FCO after those 4 wonderful photos. Tiphany and Hessie found themselves in the bottom two, but it was Hessie who was eliminated for being in the middle too much.

  • First Call-Out: Iriss Dion
  • Bottom 2: Hessie McBrown & Tiphany Richardson
  • Eliminated: Hessie McBrown

Episode 7 Edit

Jean announced that they'll go to Milan, Italy as their overseas destination. But, Jean also announced that only 6 of them can go to Milan, which means 2 of them will be eliminated. They had a photoshoot which they have to jump but still being modelesque.

At the elimination, Olga has her second FCO and when Hannah, Stephanie and Tiphany landed in the bottom three, Stephanie and Tiphany were eliminated.

  • First Call-Out: Olga Monklova
  • Bottom 3: Hannah Richardson, Stephanie Eves & Tiphany Richardson
  • Eliminated: Stephanie Eves & Tiphany Richardson

Episode 8 Edit

Part 1: The TOP 6 arrived at their new house in Milan, as Iriss made some drama with Olga and Hadassah for entering her bedroom without her permission. Then Brittany entered the house and it was a challenge as the girls had to tell their stories. Olga and Celestia did really great, while Iriss messed up the challenge by calling Brittany an ugly bitch. Celestia won the challenge, therefore, won some clothes from La Maison Renard.

Part 2: The TOP 6 had a photoshoot in one of the most famous places in Milan. Some girls impressed the judges, while some really disappointed them. Iriss did a fabulous job and won the second FCO. Olga was the runner-up of that episode. Celestia and Hannah failed to impress the judges and landed in the bottom two. For having a better run, Celestia was saved, and Hannah was the eleventh contestant to be eliminated, making the all-star team down to only one girl remaining.

  • First Call-Out: Iriss Dion
  • Bottom 2: Celestia Gagnon & Hannah Goberdett
  • Eliminated: Hannah Goberdett

Call-Out OrderEdit

Order Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Tiphany Celestia Hannah Sue Olga Iriss Olga Iriss
2 Sue Mei Iriss Iriss Hadassah Sue Celestia Olga
3 Hadassah Sue Hadassah Olga Iriss Hadassah Hadassah Sue
4 Hessie Hadassah Celestia Stephanie Sue Olga Sue Hadassah
5 Celestia Tiphany Sue Hessie Hannah Stephanie Iriss Celestia
6 Almeyda Hailey Tiphany Seal Stephanie Celestia Hannah Hannah
7 Olga Hessie Hessie Tiphany Hessie Hannah Stephanie
8 Stephanie Almeyda Hailey Hannah Tiphany Tiphany Tiphany
9 Iriss Hannah Mei Celestia Celestia Hessie
10 Hailey Seal Olga Hadassah Seal
11 Seal Olga Seal Mei
12 Mei Ariana Stephanie Hailey
13 Hannah Stephanie Ariana
14 Ariana Iriss Almeyda
15 Alicia Alicia
16 Ugaana
  • Almeyda decided to quit the competition after episode 3 is being aired. No performances was affected.
  • At episode 3, Ariana, Seal and Stephanie landed in the bottom three. But then, Seal and Stephanie was called individually.
  • At episode 4, Mei and Hailey was in the bottom two and was called to step forward. But then, Jean announced that both of them will be eliminated.
  • At episode 7, Jean announced that there'll be a double elimination which Hannah, Stephanie and Tiphany landed in the bottom three. And Hannah was saved, Stephanie and Tiphany were eliminated.