Sims Next Top Model Cycle 5 is the fifth cycle by BebeSNTM2004. This cycle, 39 girls applied with a chance of winning this competition. At the end, 39 were narrowed down to 22 semi-finalists, and Jean made another cut so 14 finalists have been chosen.


(information stated is correct at time of contest and use the western system)

Contestant Age Creator Outcome Placement
Aada Forkt 19 T2DaCooks Participating
Alexa Romano 19 WilhelminaSims Participating
Alexandria Donovan 24 sntmfan Participating
Alice D'Montagna Vi Duque 18 RDSims Participating
Clark Gilmore 20 WilhelminaSims Participating
Danae Rivera 18 BechelageChannel Participating
Divina Girenbritt 16 FASHIONSIMS999 Participating
Ebony Chambers 21 Audrey-Kristina Coleman Participating
Evelyn Dvorak 19 BechelageChannel Participating
Hatter Sonmor 19 RDSims Participating
Kendall Williams 23 Ekaterina Ivanova Participating
Marina Belovec 19 Alex Grimm Participating
Peri Violetta 19 Bradley Notellingu Participating
Xchag Li 19 DennisSNTM Participating

Week 1Edit

Call-Out OrderEdit

Order Episode
0 1
1 Aada
2 Alexa
3 Alexandria
4 Alice
5 Clark
6 Danae
7 Divina
8 Ebony
9 Evelyn
10 Hatter
11 Kendall
12 Marina
13 Peri
14 Xchag


1. Semi-Finalist Polaroids and Fade-Out Shots (casting)

2. Natural Beauty Shot